Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This isn't just Good, it's Amazing! Gud by Burts Bees Body Care

By now you all know that I live in the arctic. Ok, well, it's Philadelphia, but for a girl who grew up in Southern California it feels like the arctic. With winter comes dry skin, and I since I have been using up on average one tub/bottle of creme a month, I am always searching for affordable, fragranced body cremes that provide a high level of moisture. 

I think I have met my new moisturizer love: Gud by Burts Bees Natural Body Care:

Gud is a new line that was introduced last month and all the products are natural, meaning they contain no parabens, no phthalates, and no petrochemicals. These products are also not tested on animals. I recently tried out 4 of the products: Body Lotion,  Body Butter, Hand Cream, and Body Spray.

The Body Lotion ($7 for 8oz) is by far my favorite of the bunch. It is extremely fast-absoring, so much so that after I apply on my body I don't have to wait at all before getting dressed. My favorite thing is how moisturizing it is! This lotion spreads easily, so you don't end up using a whole ton, and leaves my skin feeling like silk! It leaves my skin feeling soooo soft! Using this reminds me of that feeling you get when you shave/wax your legs and then wear pants afterwards...your legs feel so soft under the fabric. I tried this in the Orange Petalooza scent, a blood orange and floral fragrance, which is very citrusy. I really like it because it is very refreshing and awakening to use in the morning after my shower. I could still smell this on my skin 7 hours after application, but only when I put my nose to my skin. The fragrance is not so strong that it would conflict with a perfume. This is definitely a keeper! 

The Hand Cream ($8 for 3oz) was my second favorite product. I am a germophobe and obsessive-compulsive hand washer. That combined with winter means my hands and knuckles are in bad shape. The first time I used this creme was at bedtime and the next morning my hands looked like they belonged to someone else...they looked normal, not dry! This creme is fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and still very effective at adding and locking in moisture. I have been using a hand creme from a very well known body shop (oops, did that just give it away?) and this far surpasses that one. This fragrance, Floral Cherrynova, is a cherry blossom and almond milk scent, and is my favorite of all 4 scents. I love cherry blossom and this is floral, but not overwhelmingly so. 

The Body Butter ($12 for 6oz) was nice, but nothing spectacular. It is not as thick as other body butters, but it is still somewhat thick and slightly greasy. I have to wait a couple minutes after applying this before I can get dressed. It did moisturize very well, but I expect nothing less from a body butter. I also think that this would be better priced at $10. This scent Pearanormal Activity is a mixture of pear and acai berry, and I did not like this scent at all. I am not big on pear and the combo of acai berry was not pleasant to me.

Finally, I tried the Body Mist ($6 for 3oz). This is a nice, light mist that would be a great complement to any of the moisturizers. I really like vanilla so this scent Vanilla Flame, a rice milk and vanilla scent, was perfect for me. It lasted about 6 hours on me, which I think is pretty good. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the Gud line and will definitely repurchase the Body Lotion and Hand Cream. I may even try out the body wash and shampoo and conditioner. This line is currently available online at http://www.gudhappens.com, but can also be purchased in-store at Walgreens, Target, and ULTA. The fragrance Pearanormal Activity is available only at Target. Duane Reade should be getting them in the spring. I recommend buying in-store for the first time because the scents are very different and since scent is a very personal thing, it is better to try before you buy. Also, if you go to the website there is even a $1 off coupon!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration. As always, the thoughts/reviews in this post reflect my honest opinion. 


  1. Great Blog :) I am your new follower.
    Check out mine when you get time: http://makeupandbeautytips-home.blogspot.com/

    Have a nice day! :)

  2. I wash my hands like crazy as well, and my hands get extremely dry and cracked at times so I will have to try the hand cream! :)

  3. @Lancy Thanks dear! Glad to e-meet you! =)

    @LipGlossGossip I think you will really like this...it leaves my hands so soft!

  4. I have the body lotion in Cherry blossom and love it. I agree with all what you said about that particular product. I haven't used/tried the others yet. As a hand cream I use the little jar of Burt's Bees Almond milk hand cream. Very moisturizing, but very greasy for a while before being absorbed too - I use it only at night before going to sleep.

  5. These look rele great xxx


  6. This is what I am looking for, fragranced body cremes that provide a high level of moisture. Thanks for the review. It's totally awesome!



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