Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gasp!! A dud from Urban Decay

I have been so pleased with Urban Decay since I discovered their 24/7 pencils a year ago. I decided to try out a bunch of new stuff during the recent friends and family sale and am finally able to report back on my thoughts. To my utter shock, there is actually a product that will sit in the bottom of my makeup box for all of eternity....

I figured the color products are so awesome that their brushes must be good too, especially since they are made of completely synthetic hair and are 100% animal friendly. Ok, so in the interest of beauty, I typically don't care tooooo much about this fact, buuuut, I do like to purchase animal/environmental-ly friendly products whenever possible.

Thus, I picked up the Good Karma Blush Brush:
For your viewing pleasure, a close up of the brush bristles:

It looks cute and slick, and I really like the color of the bristles. However, they just didn't perform for me. The bristles did not have any grab - meaning they were not able to pick up any color. I had to swipe the brush several times to grab the color and even if it did, the color stuck to the bristles and did not deposit on my face! My fellow beauty friends, save your moola and do not get this brush. However, since I do love Urban Decay so much, I say take that money and spend it on some shadows, primers, or liners from the they truly are freakin awesome!


  1. I love their 24/7 liners too! Still haven't had a chance yet to try out the primers. I'm hoping you have reviews coming up on the primer set you got from them. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. the brush does look really pretty--too bad it's crap! i'll steer clear :)

  3. @Neena I got the primers and then went on my trip so I haven't had a chance to test them out yet. As soon as I have a verdict you will be sure to know!

    @fantastic I was sad to see a crappy product from Urban Decay....good thing I still like most of their other products!



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