Monday, September 28, 2009

A Smoky Eye With Just 1 Product!

I have totally been neglecting you lately with the number of posts and my lack of looks. What happened is there was an earthquake a few months ago and some stuff from the shelves on top of my desk fell on my laptop and dented the LCD. It still worked but I didn't like staring at the dents so I sent my laptop off for repairs. I just got it back and so I am ready to post post post!

This was a look inspired by the recent MAC Style Black launch. I watched the Style Black video and decided to try doing an eye look using just one product: black eyeliner. I took a soft black kohl liner and drew a thick line on my top lash line, then just drew a whole bunch of random lines/smudges all over my lid:

I took my MAC 239 brush and blended out the smudges and the harsh lines. It then looked like so:
Since the liner is soft and smudges easy, and the 239 is quite soft, it was easy to blend and did not pull and tug at my eyelid. I liked the look above but I wanted a little more color so I repeated the process above until I got a little more color. I then added some mascara to complete the look. The following was the final result:

Easy peezy eh? It was pseudo liberating to know I could do a decent eye look with just an eye pencil and a brush!


  1. hmmm..maybe i should try this with my greasestick? looks nice!

  2. pretty cool :-)
    will definitely try

  3. Oooh, very nicely done! I've been trying to figure out how to do the smoky eye for a while, so this looks perfect. :o)

  4. @fantastic If you try it with the greasestick let me know what you think! I am still waiting for is somewhere in the mail....

    @MadAfterMakeup Hope you like the result when you try this!

    @Gio Thanks! I liked how easy it was to do!

    @Kiki There are so many variations of the smoky eye but this is definitely one of the easiest ways to achieve that look. If you try it let me know what you think!

  5. Are you wearing colored contacts? I could swear your eyes were brown. Green looks good on you though.

    Did you get my card in the mail yet? I just remembered to ask you (don't blame me, blame the institution known as school). My brain feels like a two ton anvil from the amount of info I have stuck in my brain. Did I mention I still have two essays to write? Hee hee hee.

    Don't give me that look. I know you're giving me "Why didn't you start your esays sooner?" look. I like thinking on what I'm going to write about and organize it in my head. It just so happens I write better essays when I'm under pressure. I hate essays!

  6. @Kate You are too funny! Actually I was a procrastinator in college too, so I TOTALLY understand how you feel. Somehow the stress makes the work product better. Anyhoo, good luck on your essays! If you need a break try and play with some makeup! Oh and my eyes have always been the same color! Sometimes they look different based on my makeup or what I am wearing.

  7. Ohh pretty pretty! I know i can use just one product for my eyes, but everytime I try that, I keep reaching to some more products. I guess I don't want to play favorites with my babies.

  8. Very pretty, and easy too! The end result is fabulous. Goes to show that you don't need 5 or 6 shadows to make a hot smoky eye. What gorgeous eye colour you have!



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