Friday, October 1, 2010

Sampling Mania! Do you like to Sample?

What did we do without internet? I can't even remember what I did before the phenomenon of online shopping! It's not just the goodies I that I look forward to, but I also love getting samples. However, I admit that most of the time, the little packets get thrown into the depths of a makeup container and never see the light of day. 

Every now and then I will get a sample of something I really want to try, and it's almost as exciting as the shopping process. Take for instance the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer that I recently got to try out:

This is one of the most popular primers in the market and I was so excited to finally try it out. It is a white gel-like primer that goes on clear once you blend it out. It looks a bit glossy, but once it is completely blended out and dries, it is completely natural looking and transparent:

 Left: a dallop of the primer, Right: slightly blended out

 Left: a dallop of the primer, Right: blended out completely

This primer feels a bit tingly on the is a cool, refreshing feeling that lasts about 20 seconds, then goes away once the primer is dry. It does feel kinda neat but some may find it a bit irritating. This primer didn't help my pores appear smaller, didn't have SPF, didn't help diminish fine lines, and didn't help correct the skin's color, which is what the newer primers are trying to do, but it does what it should do: it makes face makeup last ALL day. When wearing this primer, my foundation lasts from morning till night. When using a makeup wipe, I noticed that at the end of the day I was able to wipe off a lot more foundation than when I do without a primer or with some other primers I have used. My skin looked flawless longer and I didn't need to touch up powder as often. 

Kajal Couture Rating: B+

Another sample I recently tried, because I absolutely loved the packaging, is the Benefit Hello Flawless powder. This can be used as a powder foundation using a sponge, or as a finishing powder with a brush. 

Look how ingenious the Benefit people are! They threw in a mini sponge:

Ok, so packaging aside, this powder is actually pretty good! I first tried it as a finishing powder with a brush, and still had plenty left for another application:

So then I tried it with the sponge. The verdict? This worked better as a finishing powder for me. As a powder foundation, it was too cakey for my dry skin, but you might like it if you have oily skin. The shade Honey was a perfect match for my NC 30 skin. As a finishing powder it was mattifying and did help set my makeup. The reason I probably would not purchase this is because it was not very natural looking. I prefer a more natural effect and this was too matte and a bit too heavy in coverage. One plus is that it does have SPF so it may be a good daily product for the oily-skinned consumer.

Kajal Couture Rating: B

Have you tried either of these? Are you a sample fiend or do your samples end up at the bottom of your makeup bag?


  1. I do like to sample things I want to try out, but I know some of the samples I have will never be used, so that's a bit of a waste! I usually end up giving them away. xxx

  2. i'm not a fan of samples..although this Benefit one looks cute! They end up in a bag full of samples, that live under the sink in the Mr's bathroom (now that I've typed that, I feel kind of bad for, maybe I should take them out of the loneliest place in the house!). They do give you an opportunity to try things out..but I find that they're either not enough product, or too much--leaving me with a torn open package on the counter. I have been impressed by samples from Japanese brands like Sonia Rykiel...they seem to put a lot more thought into theirs!

  3. I love samples - they really make or break my purchase of a product!

  4. @Rocaille Yeah...I wish there were more options when it came to choosing samples.

    @fantastic Hehehe....I wish the Mr. and I had different bathrooms.....lucky you!!!! Sonia Rykiel....sounds like the name of a choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance.....

    @Ki I agree..some things I admit I have only bought because I liked the sample! Others, I sampled and knew not to waste my money!

  5. Actually, your post helped me realize that I need to have a sample clear out, I 'm a sample hoarder!
    I don't even know what I have at this point or what I want to try of all that!
    Ok, let me think... there's that huge makeup bag field with some..then there's two little pouches in my mua swap corner...a few random ones that made their way into my actual makeup collection...! Omg, when did I become so unorganised??? :D




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