Friday, October 8, 2010

Save 6% on Stila..even on their Friday Happy Hours!

Are you a fan of Stila? Do you get their weekly emails?

If you like Stila, you may or may not be aware of their Friday Happy Hour deals on Every Friday, they have great deals, ranging from mega gifts with purchases to high discounts. Wouldn't it be great to combine these deals with another discount? Now you can!

Stila is now on Ebates, and their cashback percentage is 6%!

Ebates is an online portal which I have discussed before, but it has been awhile so thought I would mention it again. When shopping through a website like Stila, instead of going directly to the Stila website, you first go to Ebates. On the Ebates website, find the Stila Cosmetics site in their list of retailers, and click on the link for Stila Cosmetics. Then, shop as you normally would. Ebates has a tracking number associated with their link and when you make a purchase, they give you a percentage in cash back. In the case of Stila, you would get 6% back on whatever you spend! Ebates mails you a check every quarter as long as your balance is greater than $5.

Ok, you are thinking, is this for real? The answer is YES! I have been using Ebates for years to shop for everything from makeup to contact lenses to business cards, and I always get the listed percentage back as a check every quarter. The best part? There is no catch! No spam, no cost to join, just free money!

So how do you sign up? Just go to Ebates website, and takes less than 5 minutes! If you use the link here, you and I both get $5 after you make your first purchase. That is an extra $5 in addition to whatever you earn for your first purchase! Of course, you can go straight to the Ebates site yourself, but why not click on my link and we both get $5!?!

So who is on Ebates? Stila, Smashbox,, Avon, YSL, Sephora, and TONS more! Check it out for yourself and happy shopping!

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  1. I signed up for Ebates the last time you shared it with us. I love it! It's like an extra bonus for shopping. The 6% at Stila would be a great time to try the primer you mentioned. :)



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