Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Costa Rica Cooldown: Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel

I knew the hubby and I would be spending a lot of time in the sun in Costa Rica so I took this along as an after-sun treatment:

This Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel is an after-sun moisturizer that helps moisturize and cool the face and body. It is very refreshing and cooling on the skin, and the effects are better if you put this in the refrigerator before application. Although it says it is a gel, it is more of a combination gel and lotion:

Left: drop of the gel from the tube, Right: blended out

This moisturizer is very soothing on the skin, and when I applied it twice over my husband's sunburnt neck, the redness disappeared after one day! He didn't even peel! I didn't try this on my face because I am so particular with facial moisturizers, but it really gives a refreshing, cooling, and calming feeling when applied to the body. The only negative about this is that it is slightly sticky. If you are sensitive, then you might feel the stickiness all day. If you are not too particular, it will go away after a few minutes.

Kajal Couture Rating: B+

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: I really liked how this felt on my skin and loved that it helps heal sun burns and rashes. I am not a big fan of the sticky factor but I think most after sun gels are somewhat sticky.

Stay tuned....tomorrow I'm posting a few pics from our trip!!


  1. Sounds like a great cooling moisturizer. I'll have to try this out during the summer.

  2. Yes, this is one of Korres best selling products during the summer months!
    Did you also know it's made with edible yoghurt (a classic home remedy to cool down sunburnt skin)? xx

  3. @Neena I agree...its a great summer item!

  4. @Tina I knew it had yoghurt but didn't know how much. Yoghurt is used as a remedy in India too....but I much prefer the tube of Korres product than pulling yoghurt out of the fridge to apply on my skin. =)



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