Friday, April 6, 2012

Does Pequi Oil Peek Your Interest? Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment Review

I heard that the Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment was the new Moroccan Oil, so I wandered over to Sephora to check it out.

Pequi oil is made from the Amazonian Pequi fruit and this version contains mostly natural ingredients. I thought it was pricey at $32 for 2 oz, but I thought it would be worth it if its' claims were true:

- Dull, damaged hair is up to 600% stronger* after one application of Pequi Oil Treatment.
- Pequi Oil Treatment provides a 250% improvement in shine on dull, damaged hair.

Ladies and gents, STAY AWAY from this! I got a sample and used it today in place of my Moroccan Oil. I applied to it my damp hair prior to blow drying. What a mess my blow dry process was! My hair felt so dry and got tangled - and I never get tangles with Moroccan Oil. After the drying process, my hair looked and felt like straw. It was super dry and crispy, and wasn't at all soft or shiny. I ended up using some Moroccan Oil and Hana Shine Shield just to be able to tolerate my hair because I didn't have time to re-wash it. I followed the directions on the box and I didn't use any other new hair products, so this Pequi oil was definitely to blame. 

Have you tried Pequi Oil? How was your experience?

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  1. I have never heard of this or even tried it. I love my Moroccan hair oil, so much that I haven't had the itch to try something new.



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