Friday, April 20, 2012

Will This Eye Cream Benefit Your Dark Circles? Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream Review

I was perusing the cosmetic counters a few weeks ago when the Benefit sales associate started telling me about the Benefit skincare line that was released last year. I had heard good things but hadn't tried anything. Until that day. So how did she manage to impress me? By telling me that Benefit is owned by Louis Vuitton, and you know LV is gonna spend the money to do research and put out a great product. 

I've never owned anything by LV, but it sounded pretty good to me. I played around with the eye cream in-store, and then decided to try it out.

Aside from the cute packaging, the cream itself is creamy and light. It feels nice on the skin and is a good base for concealer...I didn't experience any creasing when I wore this under my eyes with concealer on top. In terms of the effects, this did start to decrease the darkness of my under-eye circles, but (yes there is a but) it was not moisturizing enough for me. My skin is dry, and since the under-eye skin is naturally thin and dry that area needs extra moisture. My opinion is that this eye cream would be most effective for someone in their late teens and early 20s....those who don't need the extra moisture that is required with age, but just want to start taking care of their under-eye area and perhaps need help with dark circles.

Since this didn't work out for me I am on the search for a different moisturizing eye cream. Any suggestions?


  1. since I will be the big 3-0 this week, do I fall into the "need something else" category?! ugh, how depressing! Let me know if you find something for us old ppl.

    1. Well, if you have dry skin then you definitely need something else. I am in the same age boat as you so I can empathize. =/

  2. I've seen this and was wondering about it. I def need a thicker, richer cream to my eyes. I'm always on the hunt for an eye cream!

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