Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joe's, Giotto's, Jacque's, Ming's.....This Trader Has it Going On!!

This is totally unrelated to beauty, but I think some of you can relate. Especially my mom...

The hubby and I made our first trip to Trader Joe's after moving to our new city, and we went a little crazy (and this doesn't even include refrigerated or frozen foods):

I love everything about Trader Joe's! The sauces, the breads, the pastries, the cheese, the tofu....EVERYTHING!

Where do you "trade"?


  1. Me too Love trader Joe's !!! don't forget your recyclable bags

  2. Oh yeah! I even got my hands on a Make Up For Ever recyclable I make sure to use that whenever I can!!! =)

  3. I LOVE Trader Joes! I'm glad to hear that you have one on your coast. So what are some of your favorite items? A couple of my favorites during the fall is the Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Pancakes mix.

  4. ooh that Spiced Cider is mmmmm! I really love the Thai Green Curry Sauce and Roasted Red Pepper soup. Actually I love everything they have!!!

  5. I practically live at TJs. I love the fact that they have organic food at cheaper prices than Whole Foods. They make these bite-sized organic vegetable crackers that are amazing with cheddar.



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