Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Two Unexpected New Faves For My Nails

As you may know, I recently moved across the country. When I first moved, I didn't bring much stuff with me, as I shipped most of it with the moving company. Well, by about the second week, I still hadn't received my stuff, and I desperately needed some girl time and I wanted to paint my nails, so I ran to Walmart to get some nail polish remover and some polish.

I had been meaning to buy some polish remover for awhile, but I haven't been able to find my favorite one...the purple Revlon one. I think they discontinued it without me knowing, so I blindly chose the next best option, Sally Hansen, in the moisturizing formula, in hopes it would resemble the purple one and not dry out my nails.

Guess what? This really works!! It easily removes all my polish, and doesn't dry out my skin or my nails! I actually like this enough that I would repurchase it after it runs out, rather than trying something else! 

Kajal Couture Rating: A

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: Not a whole lot to say, it easily removes nail lacquers, doesn't stain the nails, and is actually moisturizing! What's not to love?

The next product I purchased was the Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat:

I picked this combined base coat and top coast because I didn't have either product with me, and I was feeling too cheap to buy 2 separate products. In the end, I am glad I found this because I really liked how this product performs. I used one layer as a base coat, applied 2 coats of colored nail polish, and topped it off with one more coat of this, and voila, I did a whole manicure with only 2 nail products! So how long did it last? My manicure was flawless for a good 3 days. At the end of the 2rd day, beginning of the 4th day, I did notice some slight chipping, which is a lot better than a lot of other top coats and base coats I have tried. It might not be the best product on the market (some claim to help your manicure last 7 days...but I haven't found that to be true), but it definitely works. And for $4...it's a great product for a great prices! Oh, and if you travel a lot, that's one less product to carry with you!

Kajal Couture Rating: A

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: This combined base and top coat makes my manicure lasts a good amount of time, doesn't stain my nails, is available at just about any drugstore, is affordable, saves space in your nail kit, and it works!!!


  1. Thanks for the review!:D I will try the Double Duty after I'm done with my Super Shine.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I know what you mean about the Revlon, that was my favorite too! Another product I like by Sally is the Nail Growth polish. I can't remember the exact name but I felt like it really helped strengthen my nails and helped prevent them from breaking or chipping.

  3. The products sound interesting....must give it a try.

  4. thanks for reviewing!! I'm looking for a new top coat now!




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