Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surf Baby Skinsheen Bronzer Stick Review

This review is soooo long overdue, but better late than never, right? =) 

I really loved the creme bronzers from last year's MAC summer collection, and I had high hopes for the new Skinsheen Bronzer Sticks, but both products are completely different. The bronzer sticks are like Nars Multiples, but the bronzer sticks are waaaaay more pigmented and they actually are long-lasting. Personally, I don't like Nars Multiples because they are very sheer and on me theyfade and crease within 2 hours.

I tried out Tan-Tint on one cheek and Gilty Bronze on the other cheek and both shades were very flattering on my NC25-30 skin. Billionaire Bronze is very dark so I didn't test that out, but it would be a good shade for darker skin tones. As many bloggers have stated, the bronzer sticks are VERY pigmented. Thus, I recommend using a brush to apply them rather than swiping them directly on the skin. 

L-R: Tan-Tint Bronzer Stick, Gilty Bronze Bronzer Stick, Bronze Cream Color Base (CCB)
 Top Row - Non blended
Bottom Row - blended

These products did last all day on me, but I personally wasn't very happy with the consistency. They are not as soft and creamy as I like, instead they are a bit rigid. That being said, the bronzer sticks are blendable, but you have to work quickly because they set after a minute or so. I compared the shades to my favorite Bronze CCB, which kind of looks like a mix of the two bronzer sticks I swatched above. 

Since I prefer creamier products, I am disappointed the bronzer sticks are not like the cream bronzers from last year. If you like long-lasting, semi-creamy bronzers, these new bronzer sticks might be right up your alley. 

Did you pick up anything from Surf, Baby?


  1. I didn't get anything from the Surf Baby collection, because I don't get my pro discount on it. :( I want to try NARS the Multiples. Maybe they will work for me. I am hoping. :)

  2. @Rentu thanks!

    @Chris hmm, your discount should have worked! Hope you like the multiples more than I did.

  3. Hi,

    I think it's because the packaging is fancy and not the usual black packaging. It stinks, but what can ya do?

    On the bright side, I did get a bunch of stuff from the Blogger's Obsession Collection! I can't wait to try out Karen's lip gloss. :)

  4. i got tan tint bronzer stick. i'm liking the formula this go around because i'm oilier and this formula makes it easy for me to wear a cream product!

  5. @Chris yay! let me know what you think of Karen's gloss!

    @yummy411 I am glad this worked for you. Tan Tint is a beautiful shade.

  6. i didn't get anything from the collection, but was just thinking today that if i were to pick something up it would be one of these. i liked how pigmented them were, but hadn't seen many reviews on wear.

    thanks for posting this!



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