Thursday, November 17, 2011

Apothica Friends and Family Sale!!

Ok, I know that just about every beauty company has had a friends and family sale recently, but this one really got me excited. And no, the company did not sponsor or in any way compensate me for saying this. I was genuinely excited for Apothica's Friends and Family Sale. Why? Read on....

From now until November 23, 2011, receive 20% any purchase on Apothica using code FRIEND20. Some brands are excluded but I think it works on the majority of the products. 

Ok, so why was I so excited? Let me count the ways...

1. The discount! (I love me a good deal!)

2. I placed an order yesterday morning and by 4pm today I had my package. And I didn't even pay for overnight shipping! I got the free standard shipping that Apothica provides for orders over $49. Apparently, if you order before noon (CST I think) then your package gets shipped the same day (and you receive it the next day..or at least I did).

3. Not only can you order from Apothica, but you can also order from SkinCareRX and SkinBotanica at the same time in one order because all 3 sites are partners. Oh, and the discount works on products from ALL 3 sites.

4. I ordered my beloved Moroccan Oil and the box not only had the oil bottle in it, but it included a free pump!!! Of all the times I have purchased Moroccan Oil I have never received a pump!

So ladies and gents, if you are still pining over some beauty products or want to knock off some holiday gifts from your shopping list, now is the time. Happy shopping!


  1. Are these products safe for someone who just had a diamond peel treatment?

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