Thursday, November 3, 2011

Testing IO Beauty Skincare

I have been very mean to my face lately. Between trying to use up different moisturizers and the sudden change in weather from summer to winter, my skin has taken a beating. Two weeks ago I started using my ol' faithful MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme. Within 3 days of using this moisturizer I noticed a HUGE difference in my was hydrated, the sallowness had faded, my skin with brighter, and it felt super soft and smooth. This stuff is the only moisturizer that really moisturizes my skin without feeling greasy, absorbs quicly, and brings life back in to my skin. At any moment in time, I ALWAYS have a jar of this moisturizer on my dresser.

So that lasted a week.

Until, I was sent a moisturizer and booster product from IO Beauty, a new skincare line from Beauty Expert Sue Devitt and Nutrition Expert Tanya Zuckerbrot. They have a 4 product regimen they are promoting, which includes a treatment concentrate serum, moisturizer and eye cream, and a Beauty Booster concentrate that you apply to your skin AND ingest. Basically, this system is supposed to provide good skin care from the inside and outside.

The IO website claims these products are amazing, but their results are based on a 28 day study, and who knows what kind of women these were. It may have been legit, but it may also have been women who never used any products so using a whole system for 28 days dramatically improved their skin. I guess this is true of all studies never know unless you are privy to all the study information. In any case, I received the Beauty Booster and the Moisture Concentrate face cream, and I have been using both products for the past 2 weeks.

After washing my face, I apply my normal serum, then the moisturizer, my normal eye cream, and then ingest the recommended amount of the Beauty Booster. Since I don't have the Treatment Concentrate or the Eye Cream I just use my own serum and eye cream. So far I have not noticed any difference in my skin, other than it feel super dry. This may also be a result of extreme cold temperatures that have hit Philadelphia in the past week. Can you believe it was in the 30s during the last week of October?

Anyhoo, I figured I would use this system for another 2 weeks to give it a try and I will report back on my results. Till then, keeping my fingers crossed I see some great results!

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