Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last week, I was tagged by the lovely Kiki of Seattle for the Beautiful Blogger Award. First of all I want to say a great big "THANK YOU" to Kiki and I also want to thank you, my fabulous readers, for all your support and kind comments. Blogging has been such a great outlet for me to do something creative. I have really enjoyed connecting with my readers and you all are so sweet and encouraging! I really hope to grow the blog over the next year, strengthen my current network, and also meet lots of great new people too!

As part of receiving this lovely award I must share 7 facts about myself. Here goes:

1. My dream when I was young was to be a lawyer. Then during my Jr. High and High School days I wanted to be a news anchor, just like Katie Couric. No joke. Then I got to college and as the daughter of my Indian parents, I had to choose something responsible, which meant medicine or engineering. Read on to see what I chose.

2. I LOVE to organize. It's kinda fun for me. I like taking out the clothes from my dresser every few months and reorganizing the drawers.

3. I also love to purge stuff from the house. I do have a LOT of stuff, but I still love throwing things out. It keeps me a wildly fabulous sense of satisfaction. Probably because my rate of purchasing is higher than my rate of purging, so getting rid of the old makes me feel not as bad for shopping so much.

4. I have a Bachelor's degree in Bioengineering. I combined both medicine and engineering in my degree. Oh and yes, I am one of the gazillion people who don't work in the field they graduated in.

5. I always wanted an older brother when I was growing up. My friends with older brothers always had someone to take care of them and show them the ropes. I always thought to myself that when I had kids, I wanted a son first, and then a daughter, so my girl would have an older brother. Now, that seems silly, and I love children so much that when the time comes, I just want healthy babies.

6. I don't like knick knacks. I think trinkets and bobbles are junk. People love giving knick knacks as gifts and I attempt to throw them away even before they make it into the house. But my dad loves them. Thank goodness my fiance is on the same page as me.

7. On my first date with my hubby-to-be, we went to see the musical The Lion King. I love musicals and used to sing when I was younger, so he totally scored some major brownie points with that date. I'm happy to say that was the start of something beautiful and we are getting married in May.

I will now pass on the torch so I tag these 7 wonderful blogs with the Beautiful Blogger Award: Bubblegarm, LadyB, Cupcakes of Silk, All the Vanity, The Gloss Goss, Lipglossiping, and Suka & Spice.

Oh and on a side note, the new MAC Spring Color Forecast Collection is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! If you haven't had a chance to check out the colors in real life, I suggest you walk, to your nearest store to check it out. I don't think it goes on sale in stores till next week, but just about every store has the display out so you can preorder. I guarantee you find something you like. I am a big fan of the blush ombres and especially the shadows because they are LE and they are actually unique colors! My wallet just had a heart attack.


  1. Oh goodness, I hate knick knacks as well. Sometimes I get sentimental with them, but most of the time they're just clutter.

  2. yay for organizing and purging. It always feels good to organize and get rid of old stuff you don't need- especially if they're random trinkets. =)

  3. thank you for tagging me :) i will definitely get to it!

    i felt (possibly still feel) the same way about #5, and that's probably because i do have older brothers...although, i agree..most important thing is that the baby is healthy!

  4. Thank you for the tag!

    Re #5 - I wanted to have a boy first too! I got a girl :D Judging by her character she will happily show her little brother/sister the ropes and play big brother :)

  5. @fantastic Of course...I love your blog! And I am glad I am not the only one who thought so!

    @Lipglossiping It was my pleasure! Aw! I didn't realize you have a little one!! I am sure she will be a wonderful big sister! =)



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