Monday, February 22, 2010

Springtime Coral Look of the Day

Hello lovelies, sorry I haven't posted very often in the past week, I have been so busy with my fiance, as we have been trying to do wedding stuff, and we also attended a wedding this past Saturday.

I recently did a springtime look of the day using some golds and corals. My photos actually turned out quite well, until I uploaded them to blogger. I realized that blogger is reducing the quality of my pics, and therefore the color intensity of my makeup is not showing through. I used a very intense coral in my crease and it looks so subtle in these pics! So now my mission is to figure out how to capture the same color intensity when uploading pics to the web. If any of you know, please feel free to help me out!

Here is my spring, coral look of the day:

I used all MAC: Goldmine on inner third of the upper and lower lid, Expensive Pink on the middle and outer portions of the upper and lower lid, and Coral (PRO color) in the crease. I used Blacktrack fluidline on the upper lashline and am sorta embarrassed the line is not very straight in the pic below....just pretend you don't see that....heehee.

I have lots of posts I have been wanting to do so hopefully I will have more time this week to let you in on my beauty thoughts and random ramblings. =)


  1. Very very pretty look! Hope your weeding planning has been going well! If you find a way to make your pictures appear more vivid, let me know! The same thing has been happening to me!

  2. @Hope Thanks dear! Wedding planning is a LOT of work, let me tell! But I know it will be worth it the day of so its ok. If I learn anything, I will be sure to pass it on!

  3. I love this look. It's the perfect look for spring. I think I'll have to add Expensive Pink to my collection, I have been eyeing it for awhile.

  4. I've said it once and I'll say it again, corals and reds look great on Indian skintones. If I wear coral or red near my eyes or cheeks, I look either ill or I've been crying for three hours. I'm also asked if I'm feeling all right.

    I'm suddenly reminded why, if I ever find a guy I want to get married to, my wedding is going to be a TEENY TINY and teeny tiny reception. That is, if my mom gets up from the floor from laughing so hard at the mere thought. The idea of my finding a guy that'll tolerate my absolute rigid routines, uptight, I-know-if-you've-been-in-my-room-even-if-you-touched-nothing Autistic personality is close to nil. I kinda like it that way too.

  5. @Neena Expensive Pink is one of my HG products...I think you will love it too!

    @Kate You crack me up girl! You will find someone perfect for you one day!

  6. Love the gradiant(is that the correct spelling?) effect from inner to outer corner!
    Love the colours you used as well!


  7. HI Kajal...I am a big fan of your blog. thought of commenting today :)

    keep up the good work:)



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