Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MAC Spring Color Forecast Eyeshadow Swatches and Review

Since the MAC Spring Color Forecast Collection launches in stores tomorrow, I decided to review some of the eyeshadows that I think are the hits of this collection. I loved both the quads, but I am a sucker for golds and pinks, so between the two, I went for quad #2 (and also because I find these colors more wearable than purples on a daily basis):

As you may notice, I started adding my Kajal Couture mark to all the photos to make sure people don't take my photos without crediting the site. It took a while to figure out how to work in Photoshop, and for now I have the basics down. I figure until I get a better camera (ie not a point and shoot camera) then the basics should be enough to accomplish all that I need.

Here are swatches from the quad:

The colors are not the most unique, and you can easily dupe Manila Paper with so many highlight colors, and Flip can be duped with Goldmine, as pictured below. The standout from this quad is Aztec Brick because it is a GORGEOUS rose gold color. The swatch does not do it justice, as you really have to see this in person to realize its true beauty. Amber Lights looks like it could be very similar, but Amber Lights has much more frost and had more orange and bright copper in it. In reality, both colors are very different on the skin. The last color in the quad is Creole Beauty and it is not the most original color, but it is gorgeous, and there is nothing that is exactly the same from the permanent MAC collection, but Bronze does come quite close to matching the color.

In my opinion, Aztec Brick is so gorgeous, that alone would be enough to make any beauty addict purchase this quad even if they owned dupes of the other colors.

Several of the single eyeshadows were great too, but my favorites were Hot Hot Hot and Nanogold.

Hot Hot Hot is very unique and there is nothing like it in the permanent collection. It is a great color to add to your shadow wardrobe. I also really like Nanogold. It looks like it is your basic shimmery highlight color, but it has a bit of a pink duochrome-ness that is not captured in the swatch below, but looks soooo beautiful in real life. It is a lustre, but actually feels more like a satin finish. It is the first lustre finish shadow that I actually like! I try not to buy such highlight colors because they often look the same on the skin, but this one looks so different from stuff I already have, that I just had to have it. It will go perfectly with all the pinks, corals, and golds from this collection, as well as the shades that are popular for this spring.

I give all these shadows an A rating because all of them have a very soft, easily blendable texture, and the colors are gorgeous and very flattering. Hot Hot Hot and Aztec Brick get an A+ because of the uniqueness of the shades.

There were other products I loved too, like the ombre blushes, but I didn't pick up everything I wanted. I may go back for more...hehehe. What are you planning to get, if anything, from this collection?


  1. Thanks for the reviews and swatches! Even though the first palette is easily dupeable, I still feel like it's a gorgeous palette, and great for traveling!

  2. i feel like the names of the mac shadows in the quad are really..ermm..interesting. hehehe :)

    unfortunately i didn't get anything--still on P10P :)

  3. @Hope I felt the same way! This is what MAC does to's such a disease!

    @fantastic hahaha...good luck. I don't even bother with PXP because I know I have no willpower. You go girl!

  4. Thanks for the swatches. The quad is nice but I feel like I have colors similar to it. I have my eye on some of the other shades lot Hot Hot Hot and I think it's called Lala.

  5. I love this quad too, I'm so into neutrals, I knew I had to get it! I'm loving the colour payoff on all of the shadows too. Definitely a good purchase!

  6. looks like a great product and i really like the colors! I am your newest follower. Please check out my blog at thanks!



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