Monday, June 21, 2010

Exclusives - Nordstrom, MAC Dazzle Lipsticks, and More!!!

As of late everyone has been talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that starts in July, and I have already seen a couple of the beauty exclusives and I can tell you....if makeup was a food, my mouth would be watering!

All I can say is if you have a few favorite beauty brands, I recommend stopping by your local Nordies to ask the counters what specials they have for the Anniversary Sale or checking out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Exclusives online . They are taking pre-sales right now and there are limited supplies of some of the best ones. Hello Bobbi Brown Full-Size Brush Set that is $75 (retail price $175) and my store said they are only getting 30 of them! There is another Bobbi makeup set, the Chocolate & Navy Set,  that is a great value, some fantastic Laura Mercier deals, good deals on Philosophy, including a large Purity Made Simple (with a pump!!), and of course, the ever popular MAC deals.

In addition to the usual MAC color and brush sets, Nordstrom is also releasing limited edition MAC Dazzle Lipsticks, which are creamy lipsticks that have high-shine and tons of sparkle. I was able to swatch these and although I like the sparkle effect,  I wasn't too impressed by the shades.

Here are the colors (I only swatched 9 of the 13, since 4 of them were missing from the display):

Top Row Colors: Naughty You, Win-Win, Troublemaker, Snazzy, Hot Sass
Bottom Row Colors: Baby's On Fire, Infused with Glam, Wham, Smash Hit

In the second pic you can get a better idea of the sparkle and shine factor. The colors are decent but they are very bright and I wanted a bit more variety. Since sparkle is hard to wear, most people might not want to do both sparkle and a bright color lip. In any case, I picked up Wham since I thought it would pair well with Indian clothes. I have enough dazzleglasses and the color variety of the new ones didn't do anything for me so I didn't even bother swatching them.

Another deal I wanted to tell you about is the MAC Lash & Lined Set from Nordstrom. This is a special set that Nordies created for their cosmetic trend show events, and some stores have extras so you may be able to find them, or you can purchase it online. It has full sizes of Zoom Lash Black, Prep + Prime Lash, Technakohl Liner in Graph Black and a travel-size Pro Eye Makeup Remover (1 oz.). Everything comes packed in a clear zip-around makeup bag that is perfect for the purse or travel.

Speaking of, have you been to a Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show? I am going to my first one this weekend and I will let you know how it is! BTW you can call your local Nordies to inquire about the trend shows at the stores near you.


  1. Exciting!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Oh I forgot about this sale! Thanks for reminding me! I will have to look into that Bobbi Brown brush set! :)

  3. @K Are you going to pick up anything from the sale?

    @Marie Anything calling your name?

    @LipGlossGossip That brush set is amazing!! Is there anything else you have your eye on?

  4. Wow, those are crazy shiny lipsticks...!
    I see what you mean about the colours, they look pretty basic to me too... plus they would be a bit hard to putt off (I don't see that many ppl - Katy Perry excluded- wearing these with dramatic eyeshadow/glitter etc) ...!




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