Thursday, May 24, 2012

Origins Ginger Skincare Review

I have had the Origins Ginger bath products for awhile but just recently started using them....and I am in LOVE!

The Origins Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash is so delicious and fresh smelling! It has a ginger scent but it is not overpowering. It does not smell like the ginger you cook with or like candied ginger. It smells like ginger mixed with a clean, crisp, fresh scent...yeah I know that sounds confusing but it's hard to describe! This lathers extremely well and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. The ginger fragrance lingers slightly, but does not interfere with any other fragrance you layer on afterwards.

The Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream is also very luxurious. The scent is a lot stronger and longer-lasting than the body wash, so if you aren't keen on the smell this isn't for you. The texture is a bit thick and very moisturizing, which is why I haven't used nearly as much as I have of the body wash. This is better suited for the winter when I need a thicker moisturizer.

Overall, I love both but am most excited about the body wash. I know it is pricier than drugstore body washes but  it feels so good when I use it that I feel it is worth the splurge.

Have you tried either of these ginger products?


  1. I haven't tried the ginger range, but I'm a big fan of Origins Checks and Balances cleanser. I have combination oily skin but this cleanser does not dry my skin out at all. I can easily skip moisturizer and go to sleep after cleansing my face and the next morning - there's no layer of oil on my face. It's a wonderful cleanser. I don't know if you have combination oily skin but if you know anybody who does and is looking for a good cleanser, Checks and Balances is awesome.

    Have you tried the Modern Friction scrub? It's really good too. My skin always looks brighter when I use it.

    1. @fieran I have tried Checks and Balances and I think it is great for those with oily skin. I have dry skin and my skin felt a little stripped of moisture when I used it. I do like Modern Friction and I agree it's great for brightening!

  2. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed reading this post...I will be making an appearance frequently on this will be like an insider’s view to the industry!

  3. great review, I've tried Origins microdermabrasion (face scrub). I found it a little too chemically for what they claim. Nevertheless it did suit my sensitive skin.

  4. I love the Origins Ginger product line! I use the whipped body moisturizer and the Ginger Essence spray when I need a light, uplifting scent. I'm looking to try the scrub next!

  5. Love their origins product! :) Good for skin!!



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