Monday, June 15, 2009

25% Off - MAC Friends and Family

The MAC friends and family was supposed to start tomorrow but guess what, the discount code is working today! Thanks to Temptalia for letting us in on this. From now till June 18th, get 25% off all MAC products on by entering code SUMO at checkout. Bonus: if your order after discount is greater than $60, you get free shipping automatically! Hurry though, they tend to sell out of stuff pretty quickly during these friends and family sales.

My recommendations:
1. Lightful Ultramoisture Creme - check out my review below
2. Eyeshadows in Amberlights, Goldmine, Expensive Pink, Antiqued, Tempting, Arena, Coppering, Sumptuous Olive, Ricepaper, and Cranberry
3. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - can be used as powder and foundation
4. Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF 50
5. Fluidlines
6. 187 brush


  1. I hauled big time last night..what did you buy?

  2. Awesome, glad you made use of the coupon! I ended up with a backup of the HK TLC in Popster, the 222 brush which I have been wanting to try, the bronze lustre drops(I have sun rush and I love it), a blush palette, and bronze eyeshadow pan.

    What did you get Rani?

  3. Oh I hauled like CRAZY ( my poor credit card)..bought a ton of eyeshadows I wanted to try (humid,steamy, deep truth,sketch, and some backups of my old favs), pink rebel lustre drops (have you tried that one?), a few brush cleaners, verve, creme in your coffee l/s, plum l/l, backups of my select foundation..and a few other things that aren't coming to mind..can't wait to get it all..esp. those lustre drops!! Do you mix them in your foundation or just use as a highlight?

  4. Seems like we have similar tastes! Humid, steamy, sketch are wonderful, and I like deep truth too, but I don't use blue too often. I recently got creme in your coffee too and I also use the select foundation most of the time.

    The lustre drops? Well I did try both Sun Rush and Pink Rebel. My favorite way to use them are as highlighters on top of your foundation/powder. I also have tried adding a couple drops to my foundation for an all over glow. You have to experiment a bit to make sure you arent super sparkly, but 1 drop is not enough. I like products that multitask so I will also try this as a highlight on my browbone and on the center of the lips over lipstick. Just a few ideas...let me know how you like them! I got the bronze one to see if I can use it as a bronzer, more J Lo type glow.

  5. Oh the J Lo glow would be gorgeous! I think the lustre drops would work. I'm always worried about looking oily and not glowy, because I have combination skin. I'm not too into blues as well, but deep truth is good for a liner..either top or bottom (bottom with a neutral eye would be hot). I was thinking of getting juxt or swimming..but not sure if they would be too 'out there"..Let me know how Sun Rush go and looking forward to more posts from you!!



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