Monday, June 1, 2009

Foundation Coverage from a Powder

When I say that I LOVE the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, that is an understatement. I use the shimmery ones as highlighters and blushes, but I am a huge fan of the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (MSF Natural) as a setting powder, or just as a daily powder when I don't wear any foundation. I recently discovered a trick that allows the MSF Natural to provide even more coverage! Instead of using a regular powder or duo-fibre brush, use a kabuki/buffer brush (like the MAC 182) and swirl it around the powder and then buff the powder into the skin in a circular motion. When I tried this method, it gave me the same coverage as foundation! It might not be full coverage, but I can definitely achieve up to medium coverage, which is perfect for work and everyday. 

I am especially excited because I don't like to wear a lot during the summer, and it's a major plus when I can use one product to get the same result as 2 products. If you like the MAC Mineralize loose foundation, try this out. Using the MSF Natural seems to give the same coverage, but without the mess!

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  1. I love MSF Natural! I like to save liquid foundation for special occasions so I use MSF daily. I usually apply it with a disc sponge which gives me preety good coverage. I'll have to invest in the kabuki brush and try it out.



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