Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stila Kajal Eye Liner Review

I have been on the search for an eyeliner that replicates the effect of the traditional Indian kajal, and actually stays on the waterline. I want something that doesn't migrate below my lash line and smudge all over the place, making it look like I had a sob session. When I heard from several sources and read many reviews that the Stila Kajal Eye Liner works pretty well on the waterline, I had to try it out! 

I picked up the black one in Onyx and if I had to give this a grade I would give it a B. It is not the worst one out there, but it definitely did not meet all my criteria. 

- The color is an intense black 
- It is soft like a kajal should be and doesn't tug on the lid
- Doesn't last all day, but does not fade/migrate completely like most kajal liners

- Lasts only about 30 minutes before it starts to fade
- A bit pricey at $18 a pop

This works really well if you are looking for a smudgy black liner to line the eyelid, especially for a smoky eye, but then again tons of pencils do the same and are much cheaper. 

The search continues for a great waterline pencil, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!


  1. I'm on the hunt too..glad you reviewed this because a lot of girls think this is their HG pencil. I used to use real kajal back in the day..but heard it had ingredients that could be harmful so I stopped..but that was the best for a dark, sulty waterline..

  2. I haven't had a chnce to try it on my waterline yet,but I have heard that Style-Styli has great eyeliner. It is supposed to last all day without smudging. I tried it on my hand and found that it went on really smooth. It sells for about $7. I believe they sell the brand at Rite-Aid.

  3. Hi, I am one of the silent but regular follower of your blog.I was so happy to discover a makeup blog by an Indian..seriously..there were so many blogs out there..but none for us.
    I bought the 'Just a pinch' MAC gel right after reading your review.
    Can you please do a breakup of Aish's look on cover of Indian Verve.

  4. Rani - I've heard the same about the real kajal from India. You all will be the first to hear about it if I do find one that works.

    Neena - Thanks, Ill have to check it out!

    Anonymous - Thanks for supporting this blog! Glad you are enjoying it. How do you like the new blush? I will try do get to that cover look soon!

  5. I just love the blush....its so natural..infact I have to remind myself that I have other blushes when I doing makeup.

    Will look forward to the breakup of the cover look.


  6. You may want to try mac technakohl liner in graphblack or mac fluid line in blacktrack on the waterline.



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