Monday, July 5, 2010

IMATS 2010 - Part 2: Workshops with Makeup Masters

I attended several of the classes/seminars/workshops at IMATS and let me tell ya...a lot of the hot shot makeup artists are HILARIOUS!

I went to Eve Pearl's session, where she discussed kit essentials, talked about her product line, and did several demos. This gal has got so much personality and talent that it's no wonder she is a 5-time Emmy-award winner, has madeover tons of celebs, has done work all sorts of media productions, has her own makeup line, has her own studio in NYC, and still exudes that warmth that makes you want to be BFFs with her.

If you don't know much about Eve, check out her website cuz it has tons of info, makeup tutorials, tips and tricks, her bio, and lots of great information. Eve is famous not only for her work, but also for her Eve Pearl Method of shading the eye. There is no point in me re-inventing the wheel and explaining it to you, so check it out for yourself:

There are TONS of Eve Pearl tutorials on her website and on her youtube site so I highly recommend checking those out. She truly is a talented and intelligent makeup artist, and one of the nicest makeup professionals out there today.

I also went to a workshot by Kevin-James (KJ) Bennett, an amazing industry professional who has worked all over the globe, has also won a couple of Emmys, and is a makeup blending genius....his nickname is Blenderella.

The workshop was supposed to be about steps to achieving long-lasting makeup, but it ended up being an informal demo and Q&A session where we picked his brain about technique, product, and the industry. For the demo, he said he wanted to do something avant-garde so he knew he was going to use purple eyelashes. He asked the audience what other color to pair with purple and someone yelled out "orange." After a few grumbles, KJ put on his go-with-the-flow face and decided to go for an entirely orange and purple look. (I thought I had a photo of this but I don't think I captured it....sadness....)

This guy is so amazing he blended both orange and purple on the eye, used purple in the brows, and orange on the cheeks. Now you can probably tell, but this wasn't just your run of the mill peachy orange and pinky purple....I am talking full on vivid purple and bright orange. Now this is the art in makeup artistry.

KJ is currently not working for a specific makeup company so he gave us his recommendations on products he loves. Most of them are listed on his site In My Kit, which is a compilation of products that working makeup artists are constantly using and keep in their kits. The site is actually really interesting and whether you are a makeup professional or a newbie, you will probably go "hmmm, really?" when you see some of the products and brands artists love.

For more on KJ check out his site MadeNYC.


  1. oo wow it looked like a lot of fun! and very informational!
    I wish they had something like that where I am lol :(

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't imagine purple and orange together, but it would be interesting to watch.



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