Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer-Proof Makeup Kits!!

I have really been loving Make Up For Ever (MUFE) lately and I have sooo many products to tell you about. However, life has been so busy that I haven't had time to photograph them for you...but I will definitely let you in on my faves during the next couple weeks.

In any case, I saw the most amazing kit while browsing the Sephora website:

It is a Beauty in a Box kit containing 8 fabulous products:
- 2 Full Size Aqua Creams in 13 Warm Beige (champagne shimmer) and 15 Taupe (taupe brown shimmer)
- 2 Full Size Aqua Eyes liners in Mat Black 0L (black) and Dark Grey 21L (dark metallic grey)
- 1 Full Size Aqua Smoky Lash macara in Extra Black
- 1 Full Size Aqua Lip liner in Nude Beige 1C (light neutral beige)
- 1 Trial Size Sens'Eyes makeup remover

This kit is a $124 value and is being sold for $69!!! I have personally used and love both the aqua creams and the aqua eyes liners and can say that this set it worth it for those products alone!! They last forever, don't crease, don't budge, and have amazing pigmentation. My in-depth review of my fave MUFE products is forthcoming, but let me just say that my aqua creams are getting so much attention that my paint pots are feeling neglected.

Also, the colors in this kit are great for all skin tones. Get it, try it out, if you don't love em, take it's that simple. (Gotta love Sephora's return policy!!)

In case MUFE isn't your cup of tea, check out the other Beauty in a Box kits currently being sold at Sephora. They have several, including this Too-Faced kit that seems really cool:

Have you seen any cool deals lately?


  1. I Love MUFE. their products are always top notch :)

  2. I love beauty in box kits because I am so not an experimenter when it comes to makeup, and although I love quality product, I have a pretty tight budget. I'm very safe when it comes to makeup, so these kits are perfect for me.

  3. good for all skin tones? that's great. and the return policy is key!

  4. I have yet to try this one!:D
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  5. This seems like a great way to try some of their best products!!! Would love to try these, but MUFE is SO expensive here...!
    Will keep an eye out for these though, thx for posting this! :)


  6. it sounds like you're busy being a wife :) how lovely! i've never checked out sephora's boxed sets..but you've inspired me. i think it will help when wanting to pack a little lighter :)

  7. @all Thanks ladies for the comments! Boxed sets are great and they are usually such an awesome deal! =)



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