Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner Review

At IMATS, I picked up the Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner. This high performance brush cleanser is targeted towards makeup artists, but I think it is the best brush cleanser for makeup newbies and pros alike. I got a large bottle of the cleanser (not pictured) , a small travel size spray bottle, a few handy cleanser wipes, and the cleansing tub:

The formula of the cleanser itself is amazing. It cleans and disinfects in a matter of a couple minutes, and it contains alcohol so the brushes dry very quickly and can be used almost immediately after cleansing. Here is the pamphlet that explains more about the cleanser and the recommended methods for cleaning and disinfecting brushes. If you click on the image below you can view a larger, more readable version.

The mini spray bottle is great for on the go, because you can spray the cleanser directly on the brushes and wipe them clean. The wipes are also handy as you can simply swipe your brushes across the wipe. However, the method that is most effective and recommended is using the cleansing tub. The tub is like a jar and it comes empty without any solution. It has a ring at the bottom with a plastic grate on top. The idea behind this is that the grate is raised about half a centimeter above the bottom of the jar, and when you clean your brush in the jar, makeup and dirt are removed from the brush, fall below the grate, and settle to the bottom. That way, the fluid above the grate is still clean and can be used to clean more brushes. This is the jar empty:

After pouring in some solution (I usually pour enough so there is a centimeter of cleanser above the grate), simply take a dirty brush and dip it in the solution for a couple minutes. Swish the bristles around and rub them against the grate to help loosen makeup particles. 

In a matter of seconds the brush is clean:

After the brush looks clean, I continue to swish it around to make sure the brush is not only clean, but also disinfected. Then, I tap the bristles against the top lip of the container to drain the solution out of the bristles:

Ta-da!!! All done!! When I took these pics, I cleaned about 15-20 brushes so the solution was quite dirty at the end of it all. It is a bit gross, but I wanted to show you how effective this cleansing process is:

This next pic shows how the dirt and makeup has settled to the bottom of the cleansing jar:

I really love the Parian Spirit cleanser and system. It is so effective and since you don't have to use water and other cleansing products, the cleansing process is quick and easy, and most importantly, it is very effective. I tend to use all my brushes and do one large cleansing session. As such, the solution gets really dirty so I throw out the solution after one cleansing. However, if the solution is not very dirty, you can put the cap back on the jar and reuse the solution. If you prefer to clean your brushes after one use, then you can keep cleaning your jars over the course of a week or so then toss the solution. This really is ideal for makeup artists because you can keep a jar of the solution with you during a makeup session, simply dip the brushes in the solution to clean them, roll them between your hands to dry them, and they are ready to use on the next client. 

Whether you are using this product for home or professional use, it is a must have! I have nothing negative to say about it, except I wish it were more readily available! The Parian Spirit website lists all the distributers that sell the product so check out that site if you are interested in trying it out. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Kajal Couture Rating: A+

Kajal Couture Overall Opinion: This brush cleanser is amazing! It cleans and disinfects quickly and effectively, and since there are a variety of products (wipe, jar, and spray), there is a perfect cleansing solution for everyone's needs. 


  1. Wow this sounds like a great cleaner! I like the concept of the tub, especially since you don't have to worry about cleaning the bristles by hand. I'll have to check this out when I run low on my MAC cleanser.

  2. I'll probably need something like this in the future! I'm only using my sephora cleanser right now

  3. @Neena This stuff is great!!! Def check it out!

    @Lily I highly recommend it!

  4. I purchased the kit of Parian Spirit with the small spray bottle, the larger bottle of product and the jar. I just used the final amount today. I am thinking of reordering.

    I read somewhere that this is more of a quick clean product and one should use a brush shampoo and not just this product once in awhile.

    This product does clean well. I love the smell and I love that it dries quickly.

    I have natural brushes. I do feel they soak up a lot of the cleanser!!!

    I do think they have caused the bristles to come loose from the handle on a couple of my brushes.

    Anyone else experience this???



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