Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February Favorites

Several of you expressed interest in a monthly favorites post, so here's my first one! Here are the products that kept me going throughout the month of February:

1. I was trying out some different moisturizers in January, which just did not work out for me, and then my skin experienced a lot of skin and different environmental conditions in Costa Rica, so I went back to using my holy grail moisturizer, the MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme. This is the one product that brings balance back to my skin and it seriously works for ALL skin types. I use it on everyone and its amazing. I raved about this a long time ago and you can read about that here.

2. Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash. I LOVE this mascara. I reviewed this in a guest post for MakeupandBeautyBlog, but you don't even need to read about it to understand why I like this so much because the pics speak for themselves:

No mascara 

2 coats for Aqua Smoky Lash

3. Michael Kors Very Hollywood fragrance. This was a birthday gift from a dear friend and I have been wearing it nonstop! Not only is the bottle GORGEOUS, but the fragrance is a medium intensity floral blend of mandarin, gardenia, and vetiver. It really does make me feel glamorous and is a scent I enjoy wearing both day and night. I love it!

4. MAC Mystery Eyeshadow. I just did a whole post about this shade and you can read about it here.

5. MAC 226 Brush. I go through phases with brushes and I had been using a Sephora crease brush for a really long time when I rediscovered my 226 brush. I love the small tapered bristles because they apply the perfect amount of product and it fits perfectly in the crease without getting color all over the place. I know its a limited edition brush but if it gets released again I HIGHLY recommend it.

What were some of your favorites from February?


  1. I am so glad I'm moving to France!!! Aqua smokey lash - here I come! :D

  2. That mascara looks amazing on you! xx

  3. @Ki OMG you are moving to France!!! That is huge!!! Good luck with the move my friend!

    @Aneka Thanks! Have you tried that mascara formula? I'm sure it would work great for you!

  4. MAC lightful moisturizer is one of my all time favorites as well. I am always tempted to try something new but nothing works as well as this does for my combination skin.

  5. Argh, they don't have Lightful Moisturizer in this part of the world. Hopefully I can pick it up when I travel again :) Thanks for listing your favourite products, it's very helpful.

  6. thats one great review, i wish all these are available in India as well

  7. @Neena I agree with you 100%

    @fieran Aww. MAC just released the lighful collection in a recent launch....did that launch make it to your country?

    @Rentu The MAC products should be available in India!



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