Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Favorite Crease Brushes

Crease brushes are something I absolutely cannot live without. I use them for just about everything! I could probably use only crease brushes for an entire makeup application, except that foundation and powder would take for-eee-ver.

Here are a few of my favorites:

1 - Stila #9 brush - This is very similar to the MAC 224, but the bristles are just a tad longer. It is also very fluffy so it is great for blending out colors on the eyelid or browbone. The handle is a bit longer than the MAC 224 but doesn't make much of a difference to me.

2 - MAC 224 - This is the classic crease and blending brush that so many people recommend. It can be a bit too big and dense for a precise crease application, but is still great for blending colors, especially for a neutral eye. I also like keeping a couple clean (w/ no color) ones for clean up or blending out edges. Overall, this is a brush that everyone needs and I highly recommend.

3 - MAC 222 - This is a great brush for applying color to the crease. The brush head is narrower than the MAC 224 so you can get a precise application of color. The bristles are longer than the MAC 224 but I don't find that as an inconvenience. (Have you noticed I compare everything to the 224....tells you how much I love that brush!!) The one thing I don't like about this brush is that the bristles are white. I do clean my brushes well, but I don't like how dirty white brushes look and how easily they can get stained.

4 - This is a Sephora crease brush from the Platinum Brush Collection. I really really really like this one. It is the perfect amount of denseness and fullness for both a precise color application and also for blending. The height of the bristles is perfect, the bristles are colored and not white, and I do like the shape of the handle because it is easy on the hands.

5 - MAC 226 - Another great one from MAC that I think everyone needs to have. Unfortunately this is a limited edition brush, but has been released a couple times and I hope they make it permanent. The pointy brush head makes it great for really defining the crease and highlighting the inner corner of the eye, but the bristles at the base of the brush are full so you can get a pretty good blend. This is a must-have in my book.

In addition to applying eye color, I love using crease brushes for applying concealer to the under eye area. I find that concealer brushes are sometimes too rigid and can tug at the skin a bit. Crease brushes, especially like the MAC 226, fit perfectly in the inner eye area and are great for blending, without tugging at the delicate skin under the eye. I also love crease brushes for cleaning up or softening up edges of color.

What are your favorite crease brushes?


  1. I seriously don't own any MAC brushes!! However, right now (well for a while already) I haven't been into eyeshadows. But someday I'll own a MAC brush ;p

  2. The 222 looks like it would be perfect for me!

  3. I usually use MAC 222 or 224. I missed out on the 226 and really wish I would have purchased it when I had the chance because it gets so many rave reviews! hopefully they release it with another collection again soon. Making it permanent would be even better!

  4. i need some stila brushes!

  5. I love MAC's 226 for precise crease work, and the 217 for blending out in the eye area and for concealing. I find it blends under-eye concealer really well! The 224 is next on my list :)

  6. Hey, I'm a beauty blogger from India, got to know about your blog through Rati's.
    Like your blog and the post on crease brushes and I also love Mac 224.

  7. @all Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading the blog! With wedding planning consuming my life, I haven't had time to respond to your comments individually, but I really do appreciate you stopping by and posting your thoughts!



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