Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MAC Style Black Looks

Ok, ok, give it to me. I know I have been suuuuuper delayed about giving you my opinions of the MAC Style Black collection. Overall I really liked it, but you have to use the products in moderation, unless you are going for an all black goth look. Although I can appreciate that, it's personally not my style, so I had to find a way to make the products work for me.

Here is a look with the Young Punk mineralize eyeshadow. Sorry its blurry, but it didn't seem so on my camera and I didn't take any more pics with my eyes open:

I was going for a nighttime look with shimmer and drama, but not too over the top. I applied the black greasepaint stick as eyeliner, then thickened the line in the middle of the lid. I smudged that a bit, then applied the young punk shadow using a damp 239 brush. I applied the shadow packed on over the greasepaint stick and then upwards until the crease. I then use MAC Trax eyeshadow in the crease and blended to soften the line between the young punk and the brow bone area. I lined my lower lash line and waterline with black kohl pencil and applied mascara. I actually really liked this look:

This next one was a trial of the Gilt By Association mineralize eyeshadow. I was not diggin this one cuz it looked kinda dirty:

This too was applied over the black greasepaint stick, but this was a messy application...I was just trying the color out to see if I liked it or not.

I knew I would not wear black on my lips, so I didn't pick up the lip products, but I thought it would be fun to try a hint of black on my lips using the greasepaint stick. As I have mentioned before, I like products that I can use for multiple purposes, so the idea of it just felt so ingenious. Here I applied the greasepaint stick ever so lightly to the center of my lips, over a dark brick colored lipstick:

Here's what it looked like with the flash on:

What do you think? Did you pick up anything from the Style Black collection?


  1. Young punk looks very pretty on you.

  2. Young punk looks AMAZING on your eyes. You really managed to make it sparkle!! Love it love it! :)) xoxoxo

  3. Young punk looks gorgeous on you, love it!

  4. I really like the look with the greasepaint and the young punk mineralize shadow!

  5. I agree with the girls above, Young Punk looks fabulous on you and makes your eyes greener. I'm still waiting for Style Black. I'm wondering what we'll get, since you guys seem to have bought everything! LOL

  6. @UmaPreve Thank you! I think it would look nice on most skin tones. =)

    @Tali Thanks dear! I thought it was such a unique and dramatic was definitely fun to wear.

    @gio Aw, thanks!!! Have you tried it out on yourself?

    @Neena It was definitely a fun look to wear and fun to apply as well!

    @Marce Aw thank you!! Hehe....yes we did purchase a lot here but in a way it's good because now you get an idea of what products will and will not work. Let me know what you end up getting!

  7. i didn't pick up young punk...and everyone else seemed to! you wear it often? (well, what do we actually wear OFTEN?!)

    i got a few things, and i'm sooo behind! Gilt By Association was one of them...and of course the scrubs. What do you think of the skincare now?

  8. @fantastic Well, I don't wear young punk that often, but you're right, I don't seem to wear anything often.

    Well, at first I thought the skincare didn't do much, but then after trying out a couple other face masks from a couple other brands, I really like the feeling of the vatm the best. I do like the scrub too, I like the larger granules and I enjoy the exfoliation since it feels stronger than the Clarisonic. I don't use them every day but a couple times a week. I'm now searching for a backup of the mask...what's your opinion?

  9. I think they're good as well--sometimes I want something that feels more intense right off the bat, but I'm noticing that these make a bigger difference in the long haul. I've seen comparisons to the Aveeno warming masque--have you tried that one? It is a shame that they won't just make these products permanent. Shame probably isn't the word--more like in annoying marketing. :)

  10. @fantastic I agree. Seriously, as a business move they would make more money if they just made the volcanic products permanent. I haven't tried the Aveeno one, but I really like Aveeno products in general, so I will have to try it.

  11. I love young punk on you! I got Cinderfella from the collection and found there was too much product fallout.

  12. @Ranjani Yeah, Young Punk has fallout too, but I use the powder trick where you apply loose powder under the eye before applying the shadow, then when you are done, wipe all the loose powder away. You can also use scotch tape to remove the fallout, though I only do this in emergency situations because it tends to tug at the skin and that contributes to wrinkles.



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