Monday, October 5, 2009

Pretty Packaging aPPeal

Do you ever get suckered into buying something based on packaging? Ok, so my answer is no....but.....I do get enamored by it. I think I probably would except I am too cheap and think too much about how much I like a product before I buy it. It's in my genes. I can't help it. My people (Indians from the state of Gujurat, India) are known for being cheap, so it's inevitable that I am like this.

Hmm...perhaps I shouldn't have just admitted that fact?

So if it weren't for my "say no to gimmick" DNA, I would totally buy cosmetics based on what they look like! Pretty palette cases, designs on a lipstick case....they are som, or if you are even going to use it. I must admit that I have such products, but they are items I do use.

Recently, I purchased a couple things from Benefit's website and when I received the package at my door and opened the cardboard box, I was greeted by beautiful tissue paper:

Having something packaged like so just makes me feel so special and pampered! I love it! Makes me feel like I splurged and I am opening a fancy present. They even sent me a fancy shmancy catalogue:

I know it's probably a waste of paper and it is killing trees, because I can get the same info online, but it's just so nice and feels like I am looking through a beauty magazine where each page has something interesting on it, unlike most mags full of ads. Alas, a battle between my pampered princess side and my go green side.

What do you think about packaging? Too much? Unnecessary? Do you like it? Does it make you feel special?

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  1. I love pretty packaging! I think I'm a sucker for it. But usually the guju in me kicks in and reminds me that it's not necessary to buy something just cause it has pretty packaging.



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