Friday, August 19, 2011

MAC Must-Haves: Arena Eyeshadow

As you may or may not know, I am a MAC-addict. Since I have tried and religiously use so many of their products, I decided to start a new series that highlights the MAC products that would cause me to have a hissy fit if MAC ever discontinued.

So the first MAC product I absolutely cannot live without is Arena eyeshadow. It is described by MAC as a soft gold-peach with pearl and it has a Satin finish.

From the pan above, you can tell I use this shadow a LOT. I mostly use it as an all-over lid shade or as a blending shade. I often use this on the lid with browns or greys for neutral looks, but I also use this with bold colors goes with everything! It is the perfect neutral for me because it is so similar to my skin tone and is on the warm side of the color spectrum. I also like the Satin finish because it is not matte, but not shimmery......just perfect! 

I have used Arena on ALL skin tones ranging from NC 15 to NC 50 and it just works. Have you tried Arena?


  1. This needs to be added on my wish list! It looks so pretty!

  2. No I never tried it!:( But I am going to now!:D Thanks!!:D

  3. Lovely color. It's a great neutral.

  4. @Kelly Yay! I hope you get it!

    @lk I hope you like it as much as I do!

    @Chris It really so versatile! Have you tried it?

  5. oo i have arean but i have been neglecting it...i may have to dig it out and start using it again :)



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