Monday, August 22, 2011

A Set Worth Adding to Your Stash: Smashbox Studio Stash Set Review

As you know I am always looking for a great deal and when it comes to makeup sets sometimes it is a hit or miss. In the last couple years I have noticed that there is one brand that usually hits it out of the park when it comes to makeup sets: Smashbox.

Take for example the new Smashbox Studio Stash set:

First off, how adorable is the little makeup bag?

It looks like a brush roll but it opens up in to an amazingly useful makeup bag! It has an area to put a few brushes, then a clear pouch, and a black round pouch for larger items. 

The black round pouch is detachable via the magic of velcro!! How awesome is that!

I really wanted this makeup set for the pouch, but the products are just as awesome and travel-friendly. First off are the shadow quad and the cream liner palette, shown next to my iPhone so you get an idea of the size.

The Studio Stash Eye Shadow Palette contains 4 neutral shadows in the grey-plum color family:

All shadows are SUPER soft and very pigmented. They blend easily and last all day when worn over a cream shadow or eye primer. The first and third shades are matte, the second and last shades have a tiny bit of shimmer but are not shiny or glittery at all. I have been using this a lot lately for simple summer eye looks (which I will be posting soon).

Swatches of Studio Stash Eye Shadow Palette

My fave product from this set is the Cream Eye Liner Palette in Perfect Frame. Sure, you might look at some of the lighter shades and say "when would I use those as liner?" Ladies, just because it is called a cream liner doesn't mean you can't be creative with it. These creams really excel as a liner but also as a cream shadow on the whole lid! And the best part is these don't fade or crease, even without a base!

This little palette is almost the same size as a credit card and PERFECT for carrying in a purse for touchups or to transform a day look in to an evening look! I think it would be awesome to add a little cream shadow to the lid, a little dark liner and voila....a smoky eye in a pinch! Another plus: the palette includes a small brush and even has a mirror...though in my photo above the mirror still has the blue mirror cover on it. 

Swatches of Cream Eye Liner Palette in Perfect Frame

The Studio Stash set also includes a full-size Full Exposure Mascara, which I really like and will be showing off in an upcoming post illustrating a few recent eye looks using the products in this set.

When I was using the products in this set I was really impressed, but now as I write this post, I am realizing even more how wearable these products are! The lippie included in the Studio Stash set is such a great neutral that will flatter everyone! It is the Lip Enhancing Gloss in Smitten.

The Lip Enhancing Gloss formulas are non-sticky and last a good 3-ish hours on me. The gloss is very moisturizing and this shade is one of those easy ones you can apply without a mirror.

What face would be complete without blush? Gosh, Smashbox thinks of everything! This set does come with a Blush/Soft Lights duo in Split/Second, but unfortunately mine broke so I don't have a photo to show you, but I did gather enough crumbs to swatch the colors for you:

Look how the Soft Lights shade glimmers under the light of the flash! This is a great highlighter shade for many skin tones.

This set is $59 and currently available on Smashbox's website, or you may even be able to find it at Nordstrom, since this was one of the special sets for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale from July. It is a great deal considering how many products you get. The Studio Stash set has all the color products necessary to do a full face of makeup. All you have to do is add the base products (foundation, concealer, and powder) that match your skin tone, and a few brushes.  I HIGHLY recommend this set for yourself or as a gift....who wouldn't want to open a gift box and find this inside!

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided by PR for consideration. Please read my disclaimer for additional information.


  1. Wow! How lucky are you to get ahold of one of these? The makeup bag would definitely be super useful. I like it when makeup companies give you things that are useful. When all the makeup is gone, you have a handy bag you can use.

  2. This looks like a great set! I love all the little extras like the case.

  3. One of my local drugstores carries Smashbox, and I have been drawn to the cream liner palettes. They are so cute! I have refrained because I'm new to makeup and couldn't really see myself needing or using liners in all these colours. I never thought of using them as eyeshadow bases! Thank you for the tip! I may have to pick up a palette the next time a sale comes around.

    P.s. I like how the eyeshadow palette is NOT OTT shimmery/glittery!

  4. By the way, are the cream liners matte?
    I love my mattes. :)



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