Saturday, August 27, 2011

Slim Hangers - Get Them!

Have you invested in the new slim, space saving hangers? Ok, they are not that new, they have been out for a couple years now, but they are FABULOUS!!! I recently picked up another box from Costco ($16 for a set of 50...the cheapest I have found so far) so I thought I should see if they have changed anyone else's life closet, like they have changed mine.

Whether you have a small closet, too many clothes, like your clothes to hang neatly, or all of the above (like me), these hangers are magical! My issue with basic plastic hangers are:

1.  The shoulders of my clothes keep slipping off the hanger because of the slippery plastic
2. They stretch out the shoulders of my husband's shirts because the hangers are not the same width as a man's shirt. 
3. Everytime I need more I grab whatever is cheap and I now have 10 different shades of white hangers

I started using hangers that have a rubber on the edge so that my clothes don't fall of the hanger and my husband's shirts don't stretch, but those hangers are soooo wide! In the photo above you can see the hangers with rubber on the left, basic plastic hangers on in the middle, and the new slim hangers on the right. Although the plastic hangers are the same width as the slim hangers, the slim hangers are covered in a velvet-like material so there is no slipping and deformation of clothes. Also, the slim hangers look the same no matter where you buy them from. Problems solved!!

These slim hangers have really saved my closet because when you add up the hangers with rubber on the edge, they start to take up a lot of space. In the photo above, a set of 5 hangers with rubber is approximately twice the width of 5 slim hangers. 

Have you tried slim hangers? 


  1. I've not heard of these before, but I sure do need them now!

  2. this is funny that you've posted this...for many years i've used only wood hangers--even putting foam on the edges of some to prevent slippage.

    the day before i gave birth, we went to costco and i picked up 5 boxes of these hangers (you know we love costco!), and they're still waiting to be switched out in the closets! i think they will save tons of space!

  3. @Chris You should try them out! I <3 these hangers!

    @fantastic YAY! Baby fantastic has made his entrance in to the world!!! How are you doing? How is motherhood? And the little one? Can't wait to hear more from you! And yes...Costco is like the mothership.



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