Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you on Hautelook?

Are you familiar with Hautelook? It is one of those online sale websites that sells brand name merchandise at high discounts (often times 30-70% off retail). They have different sales everyday so you have to keep checking often to see what brands they have. The great thing about Hautelook is that they even sell cosmetics!! And yes, everything is real...I've ordered before and it's totally legit.

Yesterday they had an AMAZING sale on Stila Cosmetics, and if you are intersested, the sale is still going on but many products are already sold out. Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8am PST, they are having a sale on Urban Decay. I HIGHLY recommend signing up here, and checking out the sale early, because the best deals sell out quickly.

Large names like Stila and Urban Decay don't have sales too often, so I wanted to let you know about this great site. =)


  1. Wow thanks for sharing! It's always nice to find cosmetics at a deal. Especially brand names like Stila nad Urban Decay.

  2. I never think about those sites as having deals on makeup! Hmm...I need some Clinique soon.

  3. @Neena Are you going to check out the UD sale?

    @K I don't recall seeing Clinique before, but then again, I may have just missed it. I recommend signing up...you will get emails notifying you what brands are on sale, and then you can shop accordingly.



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