Monday, August 9, 2010

Current Must Have Blusher

I discovered cream blushers about 6 months ago and I have barely used a powder blush since. I love em all....cremeblend blushes, gel blushes, stick blushes....anything creamy and blendable. I even love MAC cream color bases (CCBs), and as of late, I have been using a single CCB shade on my cheeks and all my other blushers are feeling neglected:

This is the CCB in Vintage Rose. It is a MAC PRO color, so it is only available at PRO stores, but they really should make this a permanent product at all stores. I know it looks boring in the pan, but this product is one of those that you pass on in the store, but later realize how amazing and versatile it is. Vintage Rose is the perfect shade of rose, coral, taupe, and pink, all in one, and it complements ALL looks. No really, I have been using it with all types of shadow combinations, smoky eyes...neutral eyes for work...everything!

See swatches below:
Left: straight from pan
Middle: blended slightly
Right: well blended for a hint of color

As you can see, this product is pretty pigmented so you can sheer it out or layer it for more color. Most CCBs don't fare too well on the eyes because they crease, but on the cheeks and/or other parts of the face, these multi-use products are gems!! They are not sticky like most cream blushes, they blend very well on the skin (in the pot you might think it won't blend, but body heat warms the product and melts it so it blends like a dream), and most importantly, this product will really last and it won't fade after a couple hours. Even in the heat of the summer, this product will last on me and won't make me look shiny. 

If you ever see this shade in a store, at least humor me and try it might just find a new fave!


  1. It looks so amazing! I love cream blushes & this is a very very pretty shade. Lucky you! :D

  2. Ohh..I am so glad you are back blogging..I really missed your posts....and yes, I have got the CCB in my 'To Swatch' list..:-)

  3. @Tanveer Hehe...this shade is gorgeous...let me know if you ever find it!

    @Maddy Thanks, dear!! It makes me so happy to know that someone somewhere actually looks forward to my posts!!! =)

  4. cream blushes are the best, so simple and blendable! i need to stock up on more from mac. have u tried posey? its such a pretty pink and natural looking flush

  5. Sound like a good color to checkout. I am all about having one color that looks good with multiple looks.

  6. @KayKay Ooh I've been wanting to try Posey...perhaps I will get that the next time I go! I also really like Lilicent!!

    @Neena Yeah, versatility is always great, especially for travel and streamlining your stash.

  7. Looks like a great shade, one that flatters a great variety of complexions... who knows maybe they 'll release some LE dupe for it at some point!!!




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