Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eyeliner Week at Kajal Couture!! Kareena Kapoor Makeup Breakdown

I have been wanting to share with you a few looks, tips, and tricks regarding eyeliner, and what better way than to spend a week talking about this one product that so many of us can't live without!

I am going to kick off with a makeup breakdown that focuses on eyeliner. I received this photograph from one of my readers and was requested to breakdown the products and method to achieve this look. This is a photo of actress Kareena Kapoor from the Bollywood movie Kurbaan. Since it is a rather natural look, I am going to keep the number of products minimal. 

  1. Apply concealer to scars, under eye circles, and any other trouble spots. I like the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer.
  2. Next, apply a loose powder that provides light coverage but also helps even out skin imperfections. A great one that helps minimize the appearance of fine lines is the Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder. If you have rosacea or other skin concern and want more coverage, you can apply your favorite foundation before applying powder.
  3. Kareena's cheeks are pretty natural, so you can either skip the blush, or apply a very neutral blush like MAC Powder Blush in Harmony
  1. If your natural brows are pretty well defined, I recommend leaving them alone and not adding any color. However, if you have barely-there brows or sparse spots, then I recommend filling them in using a shadow that matches your brow hair color. 
  2. Apply a neutral color eye primer on the upper lid and lower lid. I like MAC Paint Pot in Painterly since it matches my skin tone. Lighter skin tones should try Bare Study and darker skin tones should try Groundwork
  3. This is the focus of the look. Kareena is wearing a couple neutral tone shadows on her lids, but you can easily skip the shadow if you want. With a heavy liner look like this, the emphasis will be on the thick liner, so the shadow will just add a bit of depth, but is not necessary, especially if you don't have much time to do your makeup. The shadows I recommend are: a satin shadow in a color that matches your skin tone on your lid - my favorite is MAC Arena, and a warm shade a couple shades darker than your skin tone in your crease - I would use MAC Kid on myself.  
  4. Draw a thick line on the top lid using a cream eyeliner and an angled liner brush. I like the Smashbox Cream Eye Liner in Lava, and the MAC 208 brush. You can start off drawing a thin line and add more to thicken the line, instead of drawing it on too thick, and having to remove it all in case you mess up. When you get to the outer corner, flick out the liner just a tad. Pretend you are tracing your lower lash line (without actually tracing it) and if you were to keep tracing 4-5 mm upwards past your eye, that is the direction and shape you want to flick your eyeliner. 
  5. Kareena's lower lash liner is more subtle and not as crisp as the top liner. Thus, instead of using the cream liner, use a shadow to line the lower lash line. You can still use the same angled liner brush. The shadow I recommend is MAC Knight Divine. Again, draw a thin line with the shadow using small, feathery strokes, and thicken the line as you go along. When you get to the outer corner, make sure the lower liner meets the outer flick to create a smooth line all around the eye. If you want, you can smudge the lower lash line just a tad using a smudger brush or even your finger. 
  1. Keep the lips simple and apply your favorite nude lipstick, that suits your skin tone but does not look so nude that your lips blend in with your face. My favorite is MAC Lipstick in Half 'n Half
What do you think? Will you be trying this look at home? 

Stay tuned for more eye liner posts coming soon!!!


  1. Thanks for the detailed breakdown! I think I might try this look with the liner a bit thinner.

  2. Thks for the breakdown. Eyeliners are one of my favourite cosmetics and I look forward to reading some more of your posts on this series :)

  3. Thanks for have described it very well...but yeah..eyeliner is my favorite too.

  4. the tip for creating the flick is really nice! I always mess it up and have uneven flicks on each eye, but this trick is sure to help.

  5. @Neena Let me know how it turns out!

    @Tanveer Parmar Keep checking back this week for more eyeliner tips and tricks!

    @Rakhshanda Glad the breakdown was helpful! I love eyeliner too!

    @Poohkie Yeah, the flick is always tricky, but practice makes perfect!



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