Friday, August 13, 2010

New Bobbi Brown Book to be Released This Month!

I love Bobbi Brown. I love her philosophy on beauty, I love her recent use of real people insted of models (anyone catch her Pretty Powerful campaign?), I love her products, and I love her books! So it's not surprising to know that when I found out she is releasing another book, I felt a bit giddy inside.

Her latest book will be released August 25th, and is titled "Beauty Rules." It is Bobbi's second book on teenage beauty. All the girls featured in the book are real girls, not models, and the book also discusses other self-image issues that teens are facing, such as nutrition and fitness.

For more details and to read a Q&A with Bobbi about the latest addition to her publishing success, click here.


  1. Thanks for sharing this info!


  2. I had a book by Boobi Brown on teen beauty (when i was a teenager), got to agree, she knows what she is talking about! xx

  3. Heard a lot about Bobbi Brown...Thanks for your comment on my previous post.Hey check out the latest one.Hope you'll enjoy it.

  4. hmmm...maybe i'll pick this up as an eid gift for my little sis. She is just newly a teenager and I know back then I wished I was a little less awkward...

  5. Ladies...thanks for your comments! Bobbi Brown def knows what she is talking about, and yes, this would be a great gift!



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